After our success with EDGE Learning and Wellness, a program for college students, it was time to reach out to another adolescent population. EDGE Advance is a comprehensive therapeutic day program that recognizes the holistic needs of developing students.We know that each and every student is uniquely gifted and capable of growth, so our experts create a custom-designed plan for the individual student based on both their strengths and vulnerabilities. EDGE Advance creates the necessary structure and support for our students to be successful.

EDGE Advance recognizes that the educational benefits of a student increase as they improve their overall health in a variety of domains. These domains include: Social (family and peer relationships), Physical Wellness (nutrition and fitness), Emotional Resilience (emotional management and responses to life’s challenges), Spiritual (possessing ethics, values, and morals to guide choices), Community (understanding of and contributing to one’s social environment). EDGE Advance strives to create a clear path for high school students to achieve a balanced life while they work towards achieving their academic goals.