There are two ways to incorporate academics into our programming. Though independent from schools, EDGE Advance has access to high school curricula that help students earn credits toward degree completion. This is done through an accredited online distance learning program.  We also have a growing partnership with a local lab school (Global Citizenship Experience, where students can join a community of experiential learning and have in classroom learning programming. We are in the process of partnering with other quality high schools in the area.

In addition, EDGE Advance offers each student a learning coach. All of our learning coaches have master’s degrees, skilled at what they do, and are passionate about teaching. The learning coach helps teach the content of the course as well as learning methods that are best suited for that student.  Most students work with a learning coach at least twice each week. We also have proctored study sessions for students to ask questions as they work. One of the differentiating aspects of the program is the incorporation of educational field experiences.  Once each week, students are able to bring their academics to life through an immersive experience, such as a visit to a museum or listening to a professional speak about a topic they are currently learning.  

High School Students With Teacher In Class Using Laptops