Who is my therapist?

EDGE students get to select their own therapist based on their goals, needs, and preferences. Many families choose to use a provider covered by their insurance plan. Students will be offered suggestions and aided by the life coaches as they explore options and choose.

Why is there a focus on being “substance-free”?

By substance-free, EDGE means that students are not actively using alcohol or other drugs while enrolled in the EDGE program. The community has a goal of helping each student build a wellness lifestyle that balances school, work or volunteering, and building independent living skills; substance use is a distraction and an obstacle to success.

Will I have a roommate?

Yes. Roommates are important because learning to live with others is part of the developmental journey of young adults. Living with others helps us practice shared responsibility, assertiveness, boundaries, compromise, and other key skills required for successful interdependence in today’s world.

Will the program get me a job or an internship?

EDGE sees every task—including searching for jobs or internships—as an opportunity to teach valuable skills that students can use again and again throughout their lives. EDGE staff help students craft resumes, practice interview skills, and learn the job search process.

How long will I participate in the EDGE program?

We ask students to commit to working for at least six months and, in some cases, as many as nine. During your third month in the program, you work with the coaching staff to choose a transition date and to identify the goals and tasks to be achieved prior to successfully completing the program. For successful graduates who want continued support and accountability after completing the program, we offer an Alumni Services program that includes continued coaching and community opportunities.

I’m new to Chicago; what is there to do while I’m here?

Too many things to mention! Our life and learning coaches routinely assist students to find recreational, cultural and educational opportunities unique to each student’s interests.