EDGE exists to help students learn to manage their lives independently, which often requires parents to adapt to a new role. Our partnership with parents begins from the first call.  Our goal is to provide you with the best possible service, even if that means recommending that you consider other programs.  If EDGE is the right place for your son or daughter, our commitment is that we will continue to be a resource for your family throughout and beyond your student’s participation in the program.

Support for parents includes

  • Frequent updates about progress
  • Parent coaching that offers education and guidance
  • Parent weekends that enhance family connection and provide insight
  • Care coordination that improves outcomes and transitions responsibility from the parent to the student

The EDGE community is built on a foundation of accountability and concern for individuals, a stark contrast to “dorm life,” which lacks the interconnectedness that many students need to be successful in college. Our care and concern for the young people in our program are direct extensions of your hopes and aspirations for your child, and we are honored to serve in this critical role.