Support. Care. Accountability. Respect.

EDGE Advance uses a clinically-integrated coaching model to effect lasting, sustainable change in the lives of our students. Our experienced, dedicated staff members share a passion for helping young adults achieve their full potential. Our staff culture is governed by four principles that focus our work and result in excellent outcomes:


Support means doing a task with someone, not for them. Our team will encourage you and provide you with insight and resources, time and effort, so that you can accomplish your goals.


We are invested in every student and we are willing to stand beside you in times of struggle because we see success on every horizon and know that you can overcome the challenge that you are facing.


We challenge each other to be better each day and continue to improve. We will also challenge you, reminding you of your goals and holding you accountable to both program expectations and the dreams and values that motivate you.


We respect your goals, dreams, values and dignity. We model respect in our relationships with each other and in every interaction with students, parents, and other professionals.