Dr. Claudia Gates specializes in specializes in facilitating student mastery executive functions such as time management, self-monitoring, and study skills.  With a passion for teaching literacy skills to elementary, middle school, high school, and collegiate students, Dr. Gates became inspired to teach once after volunteering to help struggling readers comprehend written texts.  The process helped her understand and master the ability to help students engage successfully in literacy, use effective methods to establish academic goals, and maintain personal/professional motivation.

Dr. Gates has provided support to a variety of students successfully in the field of education for more than seventeen years.  An astute and enthusiastic educator who loves to read a good story, Dr. Gates uses various contemporary educational methods to help pre/post-secondary students, adult learners, international students, and teacher candidates achieve academic excellence.

Dr. Gates is a graduate of National-Louis University with a doctorate in Reading and Language.  She holds Illinois state licensure in Literacy and History.