At EDGE Advance, each student has the opportunity to benefit from our therapeutic services. We offer individual therapy, family therapy, and life skills training sessions.  Additionally, we connect students to communities and activities that will enhance their physical well-being, social skills, and work ethic. Therapy is custom-tailored to the individual, and ongoing assessments ensure that the student is getting exactly what they need. Coaching and consultation are available for parents as well.

  • A student’s journey at EDGE Advance begins with a thorough assessment that identifies their strengths and vulnerabilities. The student and family participate in the assessment, which usually takes about 90 minutes and leads to the creation of an individualized support plan. The Support Plan is comprehensive in nature and makes recommendations for educational and therapeutic services offered by EDGE Advance and wellness services offered in the greater community.

    Because we are highly invested in the assessment process, families, schools and other programs contact us to help them identify a way forward when students or parents feel “stuck.” To schedule an assessment at EDGE Advance, please call or complete our contact form.

  • At EDGE Advance we recognize that individuals learn differently. Our Master’s-level Learning Coaches help students reach their highest potential by focusing on how they learn best. Through careful ongoing assessment of a student’s academic performance, the Learning Coach introduces learning techniques that help the student use their strengths to overcome obstacles that have previously limited their success.
  • Support and challenge are key elements of group therapy at EDGE Advance. Many adolescents and parents are challenged in similar ways, and group therapy is a place to learn from and empathize with others like yourself. Having the support of peers while working through difficult or novel circumstances can provide the foundation for developing keen insights and valuable new strategies. EDGE Advance employs experiential techniques in therapy that offer students the opportunity to practice and integrate the new skills and strategies developed.

    EDGE Advance hosts groups for 8th through 11th graders, even if they are not participating in our other programming. Groups are 75 minutes in length, and cost $30 per session.

  • Successful individual and family therapy is not the result of one great hour a week in an office: individual and family therapy has the greatest impact when all persons involved–the therapist, student, and family–have a deep respect and appreciation for each other based on understanding. At EDGE Advance, your therapist will know you as a whole person and will work seamlessly with the other professionals to support your success across domains of your life.
  • Through our proctored study sessions, EDGE Advance enables students to have a transformational academic experience at EDGE or the school of their choice. While some students have experienced academic settings as stressful or punitive, school can be tremendously rewarding when both challenge and support are a part of the culture. Throughout the multiple study sessions each week, our staff provides support and structure, so that students can accomplish their set goals. Proctored study sessions also require accountability. Accountability is a key element of personal success in academics and other areas of life and is an important component of EDGE Advance.
  • In addition to emotional well being (coping), it is important to prepare one’s self for adulthood. Sometimes practical, everyday tasks, like risk taking and goal setting can be challenging. Life Skills Coaching can help students develop and evolve skills for everyday life.
  • Parenting is challenging work and greatly affects an adolescent’s environment.  At EDGE Advance, we want to be a resource for parenting skills, so that the entire family can benefit.
  • Remaining substance free is important for overall well-being and academic performance. At EDGE Advance, we provide support for student sobriety through random drug screening and referrals to appropriate support groups and treatment providers.
  • Because our support plans are tailored to the individual, ongoing assessment is important to make sure that all services continue to match the needs to our students. We review each student’s support plan in relation to their progress and create a new support plan every three months.
  • The staff at EDGE Advance knows that continued support is necessary for students to have a smooth transition from our program to their next adventure in life. Students can maintain their relationship with their therapist and learning coach at the completion of their time in the day program and can continue with their therapist even when they are no longer enrolled in after-school services.


The EDGE Advantage:

There are definitive differences between EDGE Advance and other high school therapeutic programming.

  • EDGE Advance has an experiential orientation: we know that students learn best when they are able to experiences to practice skills and develop a more nuanced understanding of the world around them.  We support students in identifying volunteer opportunities that enhance their development and in envisioning service learning projects that can serve as a springboard to academic or career goals.
  • Physical wellness is addressed in each student’s support plan.  Numerous studies correlate physical activity with increased academic success and ability to attend to tasks and EDGE helps students identify ways to increase their level of physical activity and overall physical wellness.
  • Students who have long-term goals are often inspired to overcome present obstacles.  EDGE Advance works with students individually and in groups to set academic and career goals that are aspirational and realistic.
  • EDGE Advance believes in bringing academic content to life through frequent excursions in the city that give students an opportunity to explore areas of interest or look at current academic endeavors from a new perspective.